Project Hawthorn Cress

For women. More information coming soon.


Project Care

Raised: $15.00 / Goal: $2,000.00

We provide low-income seniors, Veterans and vulnerable adults with assistance in bathing, laundry, and meal preparation. We believe with a helping hand, together we can help promote life with dignity and respect.


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Project Holiday

Raised: $1,250.00 / Goal: $5,000.00

With the help of our partnerships, local businesses, corporations and private individuals we are able to reach out to families and children in local communities to bring a brighter holiday season.


Project Clean Sweep

Raised: $5.00 / Goal: $400.00

Assisting low income disabled American veterans and disabled seniors with yard maintenance, landscaping, and chores.


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Project India

Raised: $1,500.00 / Goal: $6,000.00

Villages in India in need of toilets.




For those children, seniors, vulnerable adults and veterans who are in need every minute.


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