Project Hawthorn Cress

A Place to call home, to create a stable environment for all women in need, to decrease the chance of being homeless, giving hope to the hopeless, to give power to be their best and to live a life with dignity and respect. Hawthorn Cress project aims to provide shelter, counseling, educational resources, and mentoring. By supporting this initiative, your generosity will directly contribute to breaking the cycle of violence and empowering survivors to regain control of their lives.


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Stephanie D. Alexander Education Fund


This fund acts as a catalyst for change, enabling deserving individuals to pursue their educational aspirations regardless of financial constraints. Scholarships, grants, and educational assistance programs form the cornerstone of our efforts, ensuring that no promising mind is left behind due to financial limitations.

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Project Holiday

Raised: $1,250.00 / Goal: $5,000.00

With the help of our partnerships, local businesses, corporations and private individuals we are able to reach out to families and children in local communities to bring a brighter holiday season.


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Project India

Raised: $1,500.00 / Goal: $6,000.00

Villages in India in need of toilets.




For those children, seniors, vulnerable adults and veterans who are in need every minute.


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